The key vision of TECHNO ECO is through dynamic and innovative management, team work to improve in quality of products, services and hence to commit excellence. Also, our team of architects and engineers are constantly searching for new innovative ideas and processes. Therefore our group is assured of superior quality, versatility, durable, and reliable products. More over in order to provide the best services to customers, we increased our research and development activities in all facets of product design and process innovation, gearing it to move towards the production of greater value – added products as well as improving current production techniques and process. Through our globalization plan we continuously provide quality products and quality engineering services to all level of industries and construction, simultaneously we look forward to position national industrial products to be recognized in local markets

Concrete solution

When it comes to peace of mind we are here to fix your wet and musty smelling areas and repair any tiles & screed in the process, in some cases there is need to remove tiles. Professionals and reliable weatherproofing experts, damp & waterproofing solution provider correctly and professionally. Crystalline waterproofing technology will reduce porosity and permeability, providing high performance and benefits. Crystals of the salt grows relatively fast and therefore, minimize pre volumes inside the concrete. Cost –effective, when compared with short service life barrier systems .contrast to conventional methods proven effective becomes integral part of the structure. The latest waterproofing techniques & technology

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