The climate in the Gulf region is more severe than the rest of the countries, especially in the summer high heat, in addition to the high proportion and percentage of salts in the soil and moisture, which are the main causes of the deterioration of concrete, and the difference in temperature and humidity, even within day, those some of reasons that eventually lead to accelerating the process of corrosion of concrete

Common causes of concrete damage and defects

Build quality (poor batching or compaction of concrete, insufficient concrete cover of steel reinforcement)
Mechanical (impact –vibration –explosion)
Chemical (alkali aggregate reaction –chemical attack bacterial action)

Crystallization with improve elasticity
especially designed to be comes an integral part
of the concrete
Non- toxic – microbiological growth.
Bonding strength > 1.2mpa
Polymer modified cementitious waterproofing coating
exhibits excellent bond strength with reduced permeability
breathable protective coating protects from attack from
acidic gases and chloride ions- Bond strength 3.6Mpa –
Compressive strength 5600 PSI Flexural strength 1600 PSI
– Density 1.7gm/cm3 – Tensile 725 PSI

Elastomeric and flexible cementitious waterproofing

coasting membrane with excellent adhesion
Bs.8007:1987 high positive and negative hydrostatice pressures
Excellent crack bridging capacity very good bonding
to damp concrete.
impermeable to acidic gases and sulphates.
Compressive Strenght 6700 PSI
Bond Strenght 650 PSI
Accomodate thecracksbridging of (up to 1.5 mm)
As the permissible limits are recommended in

Basements are prone to water leakages and water flooding and hence basements need a quality basement waterproofing. Some might ignore the basement leakages problems and some totally shut down the basements due to prolong water leakage problems in basements. But you should not underestimate the importance and usages of basements. Though, it is advisable to have a full-proof basement waterproofing while construction the buildings, but even if there is basement waterproofing failure happen, it can be treated with right treatments, quality products and proper workmanship.

Treatments should be recommended based on the problems. It is very important to identify the water sources and to understand the causes of basement leakages.

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